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Las Vegas Schools Challenged By Cyber Bullying, Threats
The electronic devices that give students instant access to the world for educational purposes are also their conduit to social media, which can also...
Cirque Du Soleil Setbacks And Success On the Las Vegas Strip
After more than two decades at the center of Las Vegas entertainment, Cirque du Soleil has become synonymous with Las Vegas entertainment. From the...
Fiore Blames Dishonest Employee For Tax Lien Problems
Las Vegas assemblywoman and taxation committee chair Michele Fiore says an employee who stole from her is at the root of tax liens filed against her and...
Cirque Du Soleil Exec: Battle Scene Had To Return To 'Ka', New Safety Measures In Place
New computer controls that weren’t available when ‘Ka’ first opened have allowed for the return of the final battle scene that was removed from the show...

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Side dish awards: More raves and faves from a great culinary year
The city's best slice is an honor that's in constant flux - I've never said no to any combination of bread and melted cheese. This year, it's Shawn McClain's Five50 at Aria that provoked an epicurean epiphany. Previous pies were admittedly unmemorable, but a forager slice (mushrooms, spinach, rosemary, whipped ricotta) from the to-go counter had... [more]

High alert: Taking care of cops' minds
High alert Shootouts, grim sights, daily stress, public scrutiny - policework is a mental battlefield. How do you fix the tortured mind of a cop? On April 12, about 30 Metro cops headed northeast of Las Vegas to Cliven Bundy's ranch to prevent a potential bloodbath. They'd been called out to help keep the peace between Bureau of... [more]

Trendsetter: Polly Weinstein
How would you describe your personal style? A twist on tradition. I let my look be effortless but chic, polished, but not too polished. I like to mix high and low, old and new to create comfortable, functional, stylish ensembles. Here's my big style secret: so many of my favorite items are from thrift stores or Target designer collections. On any... [more]

Angela Desert Bloom
As winter draws near, leaves begin to fall. And the bare view may prompt some excessive pruning. It's tempting, but your plants may appreciate a little restraint. Here's Angela O'Callaghan with Desert Bloom.

taskeroddie2.jpg Nevada Yesterdays
About one-fifth of Nevada's population went to the polls in 1914. And they made some notable decisions. Heres Senator Richard Bryan with Nevada Yesterdays.

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